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Reemployment Connections

Reemployment Connections is ETA’s effort to integrate and streamline service delivery within the Nation’s Workforce Investment System. The focus of this important work is on improving the System to better help job seekers find jobs and help businesses find the skilled workers they need. Since 2010, ETA has sponsored specific projects under this broad initiative, helping leaders in our System find innovative ways to “do more with less” and improving service delivery. The UI/WIA Connectivity Pilot Projects, the Reemployment Connections Institute, and the Reemployment Strategies Technical Assistance Initiative are all a part of Reemployment Connections.

Learn How Pilot States are Using Technology to Integrate Service Delivery!

Listen to Mississippi, New York, and Oregon discuss their experiences developing and implementing the Integrated Workforce Registration (IWR) and Workforce Integrated Personal Profile (WIPP).

Integrated Workforce Registration (IWR)

An open-source IT application that serves as a “virtual front door” to all State workforce programs. It is designed to integrate with (not replace) existing State IT systems through the use of modern web services.

Social Media Integration

States will choose the level of social media integration that is right for them and deploy social media strategies that can expand staff capacity and increase service delivery options and reemployment outcomes for all customers – job seekers and businesses!

Strategic Planning Tools

These tools were developed to for states to develop a strategic plan to execute reemployment strategies (including the tools developed by the Pilot States) that make the most sense for your state and local system including a Quick Start Action Planner, Social Media Guide, It Systems Requirements documentation, and others.